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  • Self image
  • Awaken to Your Divine Potentials
  • Intensive chakra workshop
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  • Reiki 1, 2, 3 training
  • Women and abundance
  • 5th Dimensional Growth Seminar
  • Answers for Sensitive People Workshop
  • Self-Mastery Meditation Night

Our Story

Anne Steffen-Russo created Energetic Answers. Anne is an internationally-known alternative therapist, medical intuitive, philosopher and author. She has traveled the world studying numerous natural healing methods. Finding answers for her own high levels of sensitivity, she enjoys educating others through her seminars and private sessions. Read More

Our Services

Personal Consultation

Each individual session is unique, so there is always a specialized blend of various modalities. With each session, I will tune into your frequency and assist with clearing, repairing, and attuning so you will have the space to move towards growth, healing and expansion. Every session will address physical, cellular, emotional, mental and spiritual concerns.


Anne and Eric are available to travel and teach for all seminars and workshops. For further details, please inquire via email or phone.

Conference Calls

Our conference call at this time is once a month, lasting two hours. You can also join this group in person through reservation via email. See schedule for times and description under the Events tab.

Answers for Sensitive People: Stories & Energetic Exercises to Live Life with More Harmony and Balance

Answers for Sensitive People is a hands on, concise and easy-to-follow guide that holds appeal for a wide audience of readers. Whether you are a beginner in the area of self-help, or someone who has been through years of self-exploration and therapy, Answers for Sensitive People combines insight, empathy and practical advice.

This book will help you in three ways. First, the real-life stories demonstrate that you are not alone in your sensitivity. Second, the exercises provide practical and effective ways to comprehend, integrate and master high levels of sensitivity. Third, you will discover that your sensitivity is in fact a strength rather than a perceived weakness.

If you are searching for answers to your sensitivity, this book is a must-read. Not only will you feel more secure and empowered, you will become more adept at handling difficult situations, people, or the daily stress and demands of life. Likewise, you will develop a more neutral, compassionate and objective response to the sensitivity of others.

“Anne is the kind of energy healer that immediately tunes into and see’s your entire aura in all its various dimensions. She is amazingly adept and clear at gently yet effectively helping one work through whatever issues (whether this life or past) are holding back from living their Soul Purpose”

-Testimonial from J.D. Michigan

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Anne and Eric are available for scheduled appointments only. In order to schedule an appointment please contact us through email.