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Healing within the holographic reality As it was in the Beginning, we, as beings are created of light. That light has taken on various manifestations on all levels of the holographic reality. This means that we operate not only here in this reality, that of the third dimension, but in all dimensions simultaneously. Within our multi-dimensional existence, we have other bodies that are related to this existence. Multi-dimensional healing allows one to see and work with the twelve bodies so far. These bodies are affected by our experiences by blockages within this or our other dimensional bodies or in our etheric space as we occupy our important place within the Universe. Anne works with removing past life influences, trauma, emotional issues, physical ailments and pain and many other examples of dysfunction on every level, is also able to gather fragmentations that have occurred by trauma or other experience in this or past life situations. Whenever the holographic bodies are affected, we ultimately become symptomatic within this existence, often, for instance, by exhibiting physical symptoms that are not usually identifiable by the usual modern medical testing, or other less tangible manifestations such as recurring situations, emotional ups and downs that seem unexplainable as well as fluctuations in our energy throughout the day. As we are affected, we gather energetic anomalies, attachments and irregularities of energetic patterning as well as holographic influences that affect us in the here and now. Multi-dimenisonal healing works within the holographic reality, it is able to work within that holographic reality, clearing and removing anomalies and rebalancing the energetics of each reality. In doing so, multidimensional healing can work within the actual Universal construct, from the basis of light, commanding the manifestation of healthfulness and normalization of afflictions on every level of body, mind, spirit, soul, emotionality and mental processes as well. Results range from subtle changes to the dramatic, depending upon the cooperation of each client and their desire to change that for which they have asked for assistance. This work is of the heart, and connected with the Oneness of our existence with all things.

Anne has been certified by the advanced study course for the Pyramid of Light Healing by Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey.

Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey learned Multi-dimensional Healing with her Masters and is the author and Teacher of “Pyramids of Light. Awakening to Multi-Dimensional Realities.”  Additional Information about Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey and her work can be found at her website