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What is Reiki?

Reiki therapy is a holistic, gentle energy work process that assists in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. It is a simple, effective and powerful Method of natural healing.
Reiki (pr:Ray-key) means “Universal Life Force.” The system allows the practitioner to easily channel this loving energy through the light touch of the hands on the body. The hands on technique applies natural vital energy in a systematic treatment that covers the complete bodymind complex.

Can it Help me?

Reiki therapy helps to alleviate pain, fatigue, stress and emotional disorders. It has eased the effects from all types of illnesses, both acute and chronic.

How does it work?

A treatment can replenish body energies and help to restore mental and emotional clarity and focus. Reiki not only works to rid the body and mind of symptoms of disease, it also treats the root cause. Reiki harmonizes and balances the body. This results in feeling of relaxation and well-being.

What Science Knows About Reiki

By scientific perspective Reiki is a biofield therapy facilitated by light touch. Energy fields produced during Reiki treatments will be precisely tuned to a frequency that stimulates the immune system and body systems. Thus playing a specific roles in fighting infections etc. Reiki energy can be photographed by Kirlin photography and measured by highly sensitive instruments used at institutions such as Stanford University.

Reiki In Hospitals

Hospitals throughout America and internationally are now utilizing the healing art Reiki. We know that stress can aggravate any medical condition. Reiki can help patients gather composure,clarity,and confidence that may improve medical outcomes. Data collected indicated patience are taking less pain medication and leaving the hospital sooner.

Anne is available for hospital visits and enjoys working together with the traditional medical community.