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Osmotic Healing

This unique healing modality is a method of balancing spirit and physical self. It is channeled healing by a group of Christ – filled beings known as Osmotics. The Osmotics appeared first in Sue Burton-Hildago in 1988. Once Easter, in the middle of doing dishes she heard a voice speak to her. “I have something to give to you for the world, go downstairs and turn on the tape recorder.” What was revealed to her was a system of healing. They spoke to her inner ear and said, “We are Osmotic.” From that statement she called it Osmotic Healing.

The human energy field is the most obvious affected in this technique. Our energy field carries the imprint of all of our thoughts and emotions down to a cellular level. It can be seen as connecting our physical self to the world of spirit through the emotional, mental and astral fields around our body.

As a healing arts practitioner for 13 years, Osmotic Healing is on the of the most beautiful techniques that I have encountered that can be used in conjunction with other modalities. It does not involve intense training, but an attunement. I have viewed the Osmotics enter into the energy matrix of a client’s cellular structure to “eat” away the problems held in the energy field. This works especially well with distortions that are karmic related, yet works with other patterns of densities as well. My initiation into Osmotic Healing has been essential in assisting others on their healing path. I encourage everyone to experience Osmotic Healing.

Anne Steffen RM, C.B.P.