What are Attunements?

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The Attunement process in Reiki is a unique initiation that helps one link with higher levels of consciousness and an endless supply of healing energy. The attunement will “tune” one into receiving higher frequencies of light thus raising one’s vibratory rate. This prepares the student to channel energy from the highest spiritual source.

I like to give my student an example of tuning into a radio station loosing all static interference. An Attunement will heal and open the crown, brow, throat, heart and palm charkas (charkas are energy vortices within the human energy field that nourish the body). The attunement can accelerate and increase intuitive awareness and other psychic abilities. Students also report experiences such as visions, messages from guides and angels, and past life experiences. The attunement is passed from Reiki Master Teacher to a student. Each individual experience is unique due to the adjustments and healing of the student’s energy field. Once you have received a Reiki Attunement you will retain Reiki for the rest of your life. There are several Attunement methods that vary from one another but accomplish the same in the end. Because you are adjusting to higher light frequencies many teachers choose to give Reiki Attunements in three to four levels. This allows the student time to process new light information with clarity of mind and healing of personal needs. After each Attunement a cleansing process will begin that affects the physical body, mind and emotions. Toxins are release from the body including emotional and mental patterns no longer useful to your transition in to “light body.” Each teacher will give you special preparations for your attunement! For this sacred ceremony finding a teacher that resonates from your heart that will be a good learning partner is vital to you Attunement experience.

In Kyoto, Japan in 1992 I received my first Reiki Attunement not at all knowing what to expect. Each Attunement guided me further on my spiritual journey assisting me, amazing me. I have enjoyed studying different healing art modalities from Hypnotherapy to Osmotic healing and so forth but no matter how I assist other in their healing process Reiki (Energy of the Spirit) is always there as a strong yet gentle presence.

Still not understanding what an Attunement is? Can it be that having your first Attunement is the step you need to understanding your desire?

Anne Steffen RM, C.B.P.