Healing your shadow self with Reiki

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Heal Your Shadow Self with Reiki

The Shadow Self is the unconscious mind that is so often ignored. I like to call the Shadow Self that which we term “the devil made me do it.” It is that part of us that allows us to eat a gallon of ice cream, have one too many drinks, attract negative experiences, etc. The unconscious mind may have healthy and unhealthy facets but it is the unhealthy that we call the Shadow Self.

It is important to remember the Shadow Self is created by the way we deal with things we dislike including feelings and thoughts. When we express ourselves with feelings of anger, jealousy or any behaviors that are not acceptable by society we are told to “stop it.” Our parents and teachers are constantly giving us messages to shove or hide our “unwanted” feelings inside. Before we know it we actually accumulate this in the unconscious mind where resentment and anger grow stronger because it has been rejected in an uncaring way.

Now let’s consider the Shadow Self is responsible for attracting our negative experiences. This means if there is someone in your life that you feel has a negative affect, it may be that the Shadow Self may have invited them into your life. In fact they may have similarities of your own Shadow Self. Why would you attract these challenges? We are simply unaware of the influences the unconscious mind has on our lives until we give it the attention it needs. Once we begin to pay attention, self discovery and inner healing becomes possible. When you bring awareness to the Shadow Self it becomes much easier to resolve issues and find solutions.

Reiki is one method to assist in the healing process. We begin by having dialogue with self. Ask yourself what part of a partner or friend is irritating you and what part of yourself is similar. Locate in your body or energy field where these feelings reside. A Reiki practitioner then directs energy into these areas. We may then ask what part of you has attracted this experience. We may also use positive affirmations to help in releasing negative energies. There are various techniques all useful in healing your Shadow and repeated sessions may be necessary.

Anne Steffen RM, C.B.P.