Healing addictions with Reiki

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Healing Addictions with Reiki

Some of the most frequent questions that I am asked are related to addiction. Can Reiki help me lose weight? Quit smoking? Drug and alcohol dependency? etc. Many of us suffer from some kind of addiction. I have found Reiki can offer support best suited to each individual needs. It seems that Reiki may have the ability to tailor the perfect path that addresses each issue that generally has been blocked by fear. So you may wonder how this could actually work! We know that Reiki is believed to rebalance the biofield, strengthens the bodies ability to heal, reduce stress, and stimulate relaxation that may reset the tone of the nervous system. Many researchers believe Reiki leads to increasing endorphin production and strengthens the immune system. Understanding this, I have found the more Reiki a client receives the more centered and focused one becomes. This then gives clarity to the client to make the choice that is deeply desired. This seems to resonate throughout the mind/body/spirit complex enabling courage to step forward and overcome any unwanted habits. Let me give you an example of Bob (whose name has been changed). Bob’s wife sent him to me for a session due to his back aches. Bob said he really didn’t believe in alternative therapy, although he kept returning because it “relaxed” him. Eventually his “wish” to stop smoking came up in a session. With intention and an application of Sei He Ki (this is a key or code used in Reiki to release and repattern densities within our energy complex and cellular memory) a procession of change was presenting itself. First his “wish to quit smoking” turned into “I will quit smoking.” Second came very clear the emotional attachments that came with the addiction. Last came another therapy to compliment the work he begun with Reiki. All steps falling into place spontaneously at a pace that felt comfortable and safe. So how about recovering from dependency?

Statistics in recovery centers have shown that Reiki has the ability to assist one in staying clear and sober. Reiki seems to ease the side effects that withdrawing from chemical dependency creates. Reiki also seems to help the client feel calm, safe and supported allowing them to release any attachments that may hinder their path to sobriety. There are various methods in Reiki used to assist a client with an addiction. No matter what techniques used in Reiki we are using higher light frequencies to release energy blocks and unwanted patterns thus reprogramming our cellular memory. My experience with Reiki (energy of the spirit) is that it give us the courage and strength needed to walk through the undesired barriers surrounding us.

Anne Steffen RM, C.B.P.