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Women and Abundance Workshop
Female Creative Energy

Serenity Now, Union, KY This workshop explores the energies and beliefs that women have about money deeply en-grained in their subconscious. We will observe female energy about money and being senior to it as an energy vibration.

Sometimes its difficult to have the money we would like when our thoughts are not in tuned with our energy vibration creating frustration why we are not getting what we want.

“Girls just want to have fun!”

Lets have a look at our spiritual abilities to create and have money by:

~Learning more about female creative energy.

~Concepts of Wealth

~Clearing Energy

~Who sets the energy for havingness

~Family values about Wealth

~Ability to make money



“Anne’s information and guided imagery at the Money And Women Workshop was outstanding. I tapped into a beautiful energy resource that I had not felt before .The workshop shows female energy concepts about money that can be used for a new perspective for creating in all aspects of our lives. All the research and Love Anne puts into her work really shines through in this class. I hope there will be a Money And Women Advanced Workshop in the future .This is a class not to miss . You will be a wiser and stronger woman for having participated. Much Gratitude Anne!”