Healing Arts and Relaxation Classes

Chakra: Weekend Intensive Workshop

Chakras have been known as the Seat of our Consciousness. They are vortices that feed and nourish your body with all kinds of information. Through life’s journey many issues, beliefs, trauma and limitations can lie deep within these centers acting as blocks from creating the life your authentic self truly desires. This class focuses on unlocking barriers through chakra awareness. The results are deep cellular and molecular changes activating your potential self now.Bring your Authentic Self into current time and join us in playful transformation as we learn several techniques to improve our quality of life engaging in joyful service to self and others.
This class promises All levels of seekers growth, healing and intuitive development, natural resources for a successful happy journey.

Class Testimonials:

“I loved this class!! It offered an opportunity for profound healing, along with practical tools that are easy to use. I have worked with intuition and energy for many years and studied under some wonderful teachers. Anne is one of the best I have found.”
Cathy Follansbee author “Key to Me”

“First, I can honestly say this was one of the best weekends I have ever experienced. I have been struggling with past parental interject, which has caused procrastination and self doubt. The chakra weekend not only helped me realize that it was someone elses doubts and fears and not mine. Toward the end of the weekend, I was able to experience wonderful visions helping me to address my self doubt and point me in the right direction. I have also had some great dreams.”
Bill W. Traverse City Michigan.

“I enjoyed the Chakra class so much! Since the weekend, I have been able to stay grounded and know how to reach inside for guidance.”
Michille M. M.I.

Anne, I was talking with a very close friend (who happens to be one of my employees) about this past weekend and today she said to me “Karen, I think the weekend did you a world of good. You are so much happier, lighter, and more at peace with yourself than I have seen in years.”
K.V. Cincinnati., Ohio

You did such a great job teaching that it seemed like you had been teaching that chakra class for years. It’s also one of those classes that everyone could take once a year (at least!) and still receive so much from it. It’s such a great combo of theory and practical experience and boy was there a lot of food for thought in it! Your sense of humor really tempers some of the more potentially touchy issues too!

Also, you were so clear with the instructions for going into each chakra. Like Sheila mentioned, because of your clarity the exercises are actually very simple to do.
J.D. Michigan