Intuitive Holistic Healthcare

Awaken to your Divine Potentials

Because we are becoming more skilled and will be running Kundalini we can expect to acquire and explore new techniques to break through obstacles and penetrate to new levels of understanding and to new levels of physical, psychic and spiritual skill.

  • You will receive a book on working with the Cortices- physical
  • You will learn techniques to release deep karmic issues- emotional
  • You will explore the higher mind with the MerKaBa and Sacred Geometry- mental
  • You will deepen your remembrance of your Divine Essence- spiritual


“Anne has hand picked some great tools and exercises from her vast wealth of experiences. We learned powerful techniques like utilizing Kundalini energy and MerKaBa in quick and easy methods. This class touches base on all levels of higher spiritual learning bringing us to our own unique pattern. I feel like I had two sessions and three classes worth of learning and growth.”
T.S. Cinti., Ohio

Advanced LIFELIGHT Class

“Awaken to Your Divine Potentials”

We will explore:

  • Kundalini
  • MerKaBa
  • Cortices
  • Female Grounding

A closer look at:

  • Guides
  • Auras
  • Channeling


  • We will have an attunement that can be considered a deep
    and powerful cleansing.
  • And many more surprises!