Meet the Practitioners

Anne Steffen-Russo created Energetic Answers.  Anne is an internationally-known alternative therapist,
medical intuitive, philosopher and author.  She has traveled the world studying numerous natural healing methods.  Finding answers for her own high levels of sensitivity, she enjoys educating others through her seminars and private sessions.

Anne has been a healing arts practitioner since 1992. An Intuitive Healer utilizing various modalities, Anne Anne Steffenhas studied and taught in Japan, Australia, India and Europe.

She is a Certified Body Talk Practitioner, Seichim-Sekhem-Reiki Master/Instructor, Blue Star Celestial Master/Instructor, Pyramid of Light Practitioner, Reiki Master/Instructor and Osmotic Healer.

Anne is also a graduate of Richard Bandler Institute of Berkley, California of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistics. She is also an Ordained Reverend, Healing Minister and Spiritual Counselor.

I have enjoyed working with the Body Talk System and use it as a strong foundation for every session. I find this system very empowering for the client. As an intuitive this system also allows me to bring other perspectives into a session so I am able to assist from other angles and multi-dimensions.

I am available to travel to teach energy healing classes and provide healing sessions. Please email or call to inquire as to the details in sponsoring a class in your area or group.

See Anne’s published articles.


Eric Russo 

is a practicing astrologer. Since 1977, he has studied the field of astrology, with a strong interest in its psychological applications. He performs natal birth chart interpretations and does chart forecasts based on progressions and transits.

 Eric enjoys the field of alternative therapies and he is certified in reflexology as well as being trained in Reiki, Quantum Touch, and nutrition.

 Eric Russo