Natural Healing Biofield Therapy

Medical Science is currently studying more of the well-known forms of Biofield Therapy and is finding them to have noticeable physiological effects. This website explores several of these methods. These studies consistently show changes in blood chemistry, heart rate, breathing and respiratory response. Studies done on the Relaxation Response found it triggers and increase the antibodies found in the immune system which play specific roles in fighting infection.

Results Observed Are

  • Pain Relief
  • Increased Immune Response
  • Stress Reduction and relaxation
  • Acceleration of Healing Process
  • Emotional and Mental release

Increased Awareness

During an intuitive energy session the information provided is intended to give yourself awareness and clarity empowering you to make choices for your life's journey. When you feel confused, stuck and indecisive a session can be a powerful way to remember and access the deeply unlimited being that you are.


"Anne is the kind of energy healer that immediately tunes into and see's your entire aura in all its various dimensions. She is amazingly adept and clear at gently yet effectively helping one work through whatever issues (whether this life or past) are holding back from living their Soul Purpose"
-Testimonial from J.D. Michigan